Daybreakers movie review

I just come from watching the movie Daybreakers. It’s a horror/sci-fi/fantasy movie set in the mythical land of Australia, and it’s about a group of hippie humans who try to break down society by turning vampires back into people.

Just like in Richard Matheson‘s excellent I Am Legend (the novel, not the mediocre movie) humans are turned into vampires by some unspecified infection. Also like in I Am Legend vampires build a society pretty much like the one before, except with a swanky style of fashion, something weird happening to the visual textures and brighter reds. Unlike I Am Legend in this movie there are a few humans running around trying to escape capture from vampires who use them as cattle for their blood.

You see, vampires can’t survive without human blood, they haven’t developed a substitute yet (also unlike I Am Legend) though they’re working on it because their supplies of humans are running low (it figures, humans at last are good for something and just then they go extinct) and without human blood they degenerate into creatures physically like Nosferatu but wild and savage.

Unfortunately for the Ozzie vampires, free-range humans don’t like being hunted down and tend to hide away. Edward is a human-hugger vampire scientist working on blood substitute. By accident (literally) he gets contacted by a group of humans who is working on a cure for vampirism.

Yadda-yadda-yadda… car chase yadda-yadda-yadda… they find the cure… yadda-yadda-yadda… they get captured yadda-yadda-yadda… the bad guy dies… and … that’s it. There really is no “good guys win” ending, which makes this movie really good. It leaves it up to you, the viewer, to think about what’s going to happen now.

The story is good, with the requisite plot twists and quintessential questions about the meaning of humanity, immortality and life without making them obvious. Plus, there are also lots of gory bits flying around, severed heads, limbs and some guts.

In my scale of chocolate raisins vs smelly socks, this movie gets a well-deserved 4 raisins out of 5.

Things I learned from this movie:
– In the year 2019 Chrysler will still be around (ok, this is the bit that makes this fantasy)
– If you’re allergic to sunlight a tree is good enough cover (even though UV rays still hit you from all angles)
– It’s always good to have a sharpened wooden stake nearby (well, I learned this from Fright Night)
– Finding good take-out when you’re a vampire is pretty hard.

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