Being stranded is not so bad after all

Well, the forced stop of my previous post happened to be not so bad. Although it was kind of a bummer what ended up happening was that the company sent another coach to take us all the way to Sudbury, so we didn’t have to wait who knows how many hours for the tire truck to arrive. I used the time wisely by going to the washroom and snapping a couple of photographs.

By the time we got going the clouds had parted and the moon was able to shine brightly over the snowed fields and frozen creeks and rivers of the Georgian Lakeland. The views were wonderful, simply astounding. Being late also meant that dawn broke while we were still on the road, and that was very nice as well.

Finally, during the wait at the Tim Hortons I also got to hang around some farmers and a girl who was probably high on extasis!

Overall I think that was a very good emergency stop.