If I unfollow you from Twitter it’s not you, it’s me

Dear Twitter Followee:

Maybe by now you will have noticed I stopped following your updates and you are perhaps wondering why, what you did wrong and if there is a way to set things right and if I will follow you again. I have to be honest with you, there probably is no way I will follow you again.

You see, we are just not made for each other. I am looking for worthy insights, links that will help me advance as a person and a professional, someone who will expand my horizons, challenge me and is able to call me on my bullshit and is not offended when I call bullshit on him/her. However I have noticed that of late there is nothing I can take from your tweets that’s valuable to me. Sure, I understand, my tweets are not 100% all-value, and I don’t expect yours to be either, but something nice from time to time is not too much to ask, is it?

The thing is… there is just so much fluff on my timeline and I don’t have the time to deal with it all. But you have other followers, I’m sure they find your style of tweets worthwhile.

Don’t think of this as your failure, I probably was looking for something different without realizing it and just gave you some false hope, sent you the wrong signs, clicked on the “Follow” button before knowing more about you. I don’t want you to feel bad about yourself, you did nothing wrong and, if it’s any consolation, you are not the only one I’m unfollowing. You see, I made some choices that I now must sadly go back on. It’s all my fault. It’s not you, it’s me.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends.

C64 emulator could be coming to iPhone

Engadget reports that, at least according to one developer, a relaxation in Apple’s AppStore policies the previously rejected C64 emulator could be finally approved. Then they go on to ask this:

But, really, is there any news bigger than a C64 emulator?Apple reconsiders rejected iPhone apps, C64 emulator on the way?

Of course there is! Or would be: An Amiga emulator! Just imagine, at last Apple products would have an operating system on par, nay, superior, to their hardware. There is a reason why the Amiga OS is considered best operating system in the known and unknown universe. Ever. Period.

Twikini: Tiny and powerful Twitter client for Windows Mobile phones

In the perpetual search for filling up my phone with all kinds of crap hoping some of it will be good ever better and more useful mobile apps I came across this pretty nifty Twitter client.

It’s name is Twikini and was developed by a Seattle-based development team. On first sight it’s very simple to use, especially if you are used to other Twitter clients, and it has a number of nice tricks under its sleeves.

Twikini showing a twitt with a Twitpic photo

Twikini offers very good Twitpic integration.

The one I like best is integration with Twitpic. When you click on a twitt that has a link to a Twitpic photo, Twikini will download the photo and show you a small version of it. You can still click to go to Twitpic’s site to see the full-size photo (or however large your device can make it). And, when creating a new twitt you can add a photo already in your device or snap a new one and upload it to Twitpic from the app itself.

Another good trick is the ability to handle more than one Twitter account. If you like to keep different aspects of your life separated (i.e. family, business, gambling, loansharks, wives, etc.) you probably have more than one Twitter name (hopefully a good alias) and would like to check them individually. Twikini makes it very easy to just provide names and passwords for different accounts and switch between them from the menu.

Main Twikini interface

The interface is uncluttered and simple to follow.

Although links and names are not clickable from the main interface you only need to click on the twitt to read it in full and get active links. Here I would like to see something that lets me know the message is longer than can be displayed in the main interface as it’s not always easy to know there’s more.

Making a new twitt is very easy. You simply click where it says “Tweet”. Replying and Retwitting is equally easy, just select the twitt you’d like to reply or retwitt and either click ‘left’ or ‘right’ in your phone’s pad, or you can use the menu options.

From the new twitt interface you can also select to update your location. If your device has a gps, or some way to get where you are, you can attach them to the twitt to make it easy for people to know where you are (try to avoid using with the same twitter account you use to keep in touch with the loansharks). You can also shorten links using bit.ly, TinyURL or Digg.

Overall it’s a very good app, it doesn’t use that much memory in your device and it includes far more than is obvious at first. I heartily recommend it.

Full Disclosure: You can get Twikini for free if you write a blog post about it. However I didn’t do that, instead I paid for it. At US$4.95 for a bundle including it plus another TrinketSoftware app it’s a very sweet deal. Plus I don’t want any of my two readers telling me I’ve sold out.

On the bus to The Soo

This time things are moving more or less on time, and it seems like we’ll arrive at the scheduled time which is great to hit the casino.

I was able to sleep somewhat before boarding, but this trip now is relatively short, about 4 hrs.

Gambling should take care of the need to sleep. I hope i can remain awake during the snow train tour.

A nice tour around Science North

I had a very good first part of my trip going to Science North. Although the 3D movie was kind of cheesy it wasn’t unenjoyable, and you get to have some water sprayed on you.

I expected larger exhibits, but I suppose that since there is some construction on half the place some compromises were made. However what was there was interesting, specially the butterfly room where kids are advised not to slap them or grab them if a butterfly lands on them. There’s also a beaver, a porcupine and the skeleton of a whale.

A giant bug crawled over me, I think it’s the second largest bug that has crawled over me but at least this one didn’t wake me up. After watching the exhibits and getting myself locked out for a few minutes I went to have lunch at the very elegant Lakehouse Restaurant that they have there. It has a very nice view of Ramsey Lake and the skating track they made on the frozen surface. I didn’t see how long it was but it was pretty long, at least half a km but probably a lot more. It was also very wide.

I ate copiously, drank some beer, fell asleep while seated a few times and the check wasn’t too bad, about what I would expect in most places. I also tried not to make too much of a mess…

I’d like to do something else before heading to Sault Ste. Marie but might end up just looking for a calm public space where I can take a nap. It’s not vagrancy if you don’t lie down completely. I also need to find a place with power outlets. Right now I’m in a Tim Hortons, but wifi is iffy and I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Still need to recharge the music player and the GPS.

Science North

You can see some of the pictures below or go to the album to see all the pictures!


Being stranded is not so bad after all

Well, the forced stop of my previous post happened to be not so bad. Although it was kind of a bummer what ended up happening was that the company sent another coach to take us all the way to Sudbury, so we didn’t have to wait who knows how many hours for the tire truck to arrive. I used the time wisely by going to the washroom and snapping a couple of photographs.

By the time we got going the clouds had parted and the moon was able to shine brightly over the snowed fields and frozen creeks and rivers of the Georgian Lakeland. The views were wonderful, simply astounding. Being late also meant that dawn broke while we were still on the road, and that was very nice as well.

Finally, during the wait at the Tim Hortons I also got to hang around some farmers and a girl who was probably high on extasis!

Overall I think that was a very good emergency stop.


Stranded in McDougall

The Tim Hortons in McDougall

The Tim Hortons that served as emergency stop in McDougall

Well, so far this trip isn’t going so good. First Greyhound’s disorganization made us leave half an hour late, after keeping us waiting in the cold for one hour.

Then everything seemed to be going fine and we made the normal stop in Parry Sound, when the bus got going again it started to shake. The driver stopped to take a look and then drove again slowly to a rest stop in McDougall.

And now we’re here waiting for a tire truck to arrive from who knows where but I doubt they have one of those every 20km.

At least it’s warm, there’s a washroom nearby and I have a good musical selection in the mp3 player.
So, who knows any good word games?

Going on a trip!

I’m getting ready to leave for my weekend trip to Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie. It will be a bum breaking trip of 11 hours each way. At least on my way to the Soo I’ll be stoping at Sudbury to visit Science North.

For this trip I will be posting my position and photos, not in really really real time, but as close as possible. Maybe even a video or two, depends on how I do finding wi-fi hotspots and power plugs. So, if you want to track my whereabouts, just go to the Live! section where you’ll find what I’ve been up to. Or you can also keep a look on my Facebook page where, thanks to FriendFeed, there will be regular postings on my activities.

I hope my house won’t have completely flooded by the time I come back, but if it has, oh well! No big loss, except for some magazines in the corner that I need to get rid of anyway.

Too old or too modern, but the site is just not very smart

Thanks to the magic of Twitter @Malarkey sent a very curious message about this error message:

Error Displayed: The current browser is either too old or too modern
“The current browser is either too old or too modern”

So, the calendar can’t be used because the javascript that’s supposed to handle it was made for the Netscape Navigator browser which I imagine no one thought would ever ever go away. Unfortunately it went away in March 2008, after years of almost nil market share. Someone must have thought that people actually bothered to install the gazillions CDs that AOL polluted the world with for about a decade.

Unfortunately that was not the case and hardly anyone has used Navigator since 2002, and so what could have been seen as a bold move by the developers betting their all on the success of one single browser now survives solely as a curious error message that I think could also be a haiku.

On the other hand it could be that the error message should be “The developers of this site are either too stupid or too lazy.”

So, kids, let this be a lesson to you: don’t develop for a single browser, make sure your code degrades gracefully and, if you are the website owner, check your websites more often than once every five years, preferably with what people would most likely be using to see it.

Lunar eclipse

It’s again time for the people of the Moon to get pissed at us here in the Earth because we steal their light. At the moment of totality they look around and everything has turned to fire: the mountains and valleys in furious reds and oranges instead of their more usual gray that they find so soothing and reassuring. The Sun has been replaced by a dark circle surrounded by an angry red halo.

Suddenly the light starts turning blue and moments later all is back to normal. But the people of the Moon remember and fear the next time the Sun will disappear. That’s right, people of the Moon! Tremble before the majestic power of Earth!