Sunset at the ski place

That’s the sun setting and lighting the mountains behind. We have spent the day skiing at Mt Sutton (satellite view), a very big park with a lot of ski lanes. Not too many people here today, but tomorrow there will be lots more. However, it’s so big it really doesn’t feel crowded. I’ve fallen a […]

We’re at the auberge!

So, we are finally in Sutton, Québec. After an uneventful and relatively short bus trip from Montréal we check in at the Auberge des Appalaches and it’s a nice place. The room is a bit small and sparse but comfortable and clean.

Had a good laugh with the food…

Had a good laugh with the food club. I’m stuffed.

Found good snow pants, going f…

Found good snow pants, going for coffee

Yay! I’m off! I still need to …

Yay! I’m off! I still need to go brave the shopping crowds, though.

Last hour before Xmas break!

Last hour before Xmas break!

A burguer and half a pint late…

A burguer and half a pint later…

A goal worth pursuing

This is a very enviable achievement, one that requires special strength of character, clarity of vision, and unfaltering will. Of course, only a possum could have done it, setting a very high bar for the rest of us mammals that wish to follow in its footsteps. I wonder how much food I’d need to sleep […]

Vicious beast

This ravenous beast broke into my house with obvious murderous intent (you can tell by the beady eyes and low forehead). After a battle to the death (it ate a spider) I was able to trap it with a bed sheet and took it out.

We are going to be late!

We didn’t have it planned, but the day we picked to carry the training in KW happened to be the start of the Oktoberfest. So, after we delivered our training Stella and me decided to see what it was all about. We parked on King St and then walked along it to what seemed to […]

We’re here!

Stella and me went to Kitchener-Waterloo to deliver training on The Mentoring Partnership to the mentoring project there which is being delivered by the KW YMCA and WRIEN. With us were Marilena Benak from YMCA and Helen Chen from WRIEN. In the first part of the training Stella showed them how we conduct our program, […]


I went to a business blogging seminar organized by the International Association of Business Communicators and there was dinner! It was good, the desserts too.

Somebody must have left a toy aquarium on

At first I thought this was a fire, but there was no report of a fire. I guess it was a cheap plastic toy aquarium catching fire, or a street hot-dog vending cart gone wild.

The Importance of Punctuation

The rest of you come on in!

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