Sunset at the ski place


That’s the sun setting and lighting the mountains behind. We have spent the day skiing at Mt Sutton (satellite view), a very big park with a lot of ski lanes. Not too many people here today, but tomorrow there will be lots more. However, it’s so big it really doesn’t feel crowded.

I’ve fallen a lot today but we’re all getting better. For the first time ever I don’t think we’ve done too badly.

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We are going to be late!


We didn’t have it planned, but the day we picked to carry the training in KW happened to be the start of the Oktoberfest. So, after we delivered our training Stella and me decided to see what it was all about. We parked on King St and then walked along it to what seemed to be something. There were some sausage stalls, a cart with beer kegs, souvenir shops, but we expected to see more people. Maybe because it was the first day and it wasn’t that late we didn’t see a very large crowd. The place didn’t seem that big either, only a couple of streets had been closed and we only saw one festhall.

So, we went into a tent to see if there was more going on there. And there was, but there were not that many people either. The music sounds a lot like the traditional northern Mexican variety since there was some German migration to Mexico a while ago, and apparently there is an Oktoberfest in Monterrey.After drinking some beer and Stella being asked to dance we went back outside to eat sausages and we met a parrot!

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We’re here!


Stella and me went to Kitchener-Waterloo to deliver training on The Mentoring Partnership to the mentoring project there which is being delivered by the KW YMCA and WRIEN. With us were Marilena Benak from YMCA and Helen Chen from WRIEN.

In the first part of the training Stella showed them how we conduct our program, the way we recruit mentors and how we assess them and the mentees. We went through the different forms and procedures that we have developed. They had many questions and although they do some of the things differently, they realized why we do things the way we do, and why some things had worked and others hadn’t. Some of what we do is because we have many more partners, but much of the stuff they thought really useful.

Then we went for lunch. To a nice family restaurant. We all had schnitzel! And it was very good. I was the only one who finished the whole thing. Take that, you skinny girls!

The second part of the session was on the matching application that we use. We went through how to add a new mentor or mentee, how to manage them, how to create new pairs, and some of the situations they might encounter when matching. They didn’t have too many questions right now, but I’m sure most will come when they start using it. We told them about the Coaches Corner and how they will be able to ask questions, download forms and share their own experience there.