Podcamp Toronto 2011 – Saturday afternoon #pcto2011

The second part of the day began with a very interesting talk by Brian on the psychology of websites and how our inner mechanisms can be used to build trust and get people to like us, read more of our content, or buy from us. It was a basic talk that didn´t try to delve too deep on the subject, an impossible task since he only had 45 minutes and he also had to keep it accessible to everyone.

Playing with the Kinect

I was then off to a session called “Why we podcast” featuring a panel of well known podcasters that I’ve never listened to just because my interests lie elsewhere. Nevertheless it was a very lively conversation on what motivates this group of people to podcast regularly and keep doing it despite there not being any money (nor getting girls, as Keith complained repeatedly).

After that I moved a few doors down to hear how to get started in games journalism. I admit that PC games are my thing, and getting paid for playing games sounds like a good thing. However, to get to that stage you have to go through a lot of what sounds like hard work that will eat into your game playing time. This session tried to make that transition a bit easier and provided a few good pointer on what you could do and a bit more insight on what’s involved.

And finally, to end the day I went to the session on photojournalism with HiMy Syed (I met him years ago in the first Jane’s Walk, he led one). Unfortunately there was not enough time to go through everything he had prepared, but in the short time available he did share several very good and important points on making your photographs available and selling them. I wish there had been time to go into a deep discussion on Creative Commons vs traditional copyright, but I guess that could’ve easily taken half a day all by itself.

In all, an excellent first day of sessions, learning and sharing.