Twikini: Tiny and powerful Twitter client for Windows Mobile phones

In the perpetual search for filling up my phone with all kinds of crap hoping some of it will be good ever better and more useful mobile apps I came across this pretty nifty Twitter client.

It’s name is Twikini and was developed by a Seattle-based development team. On first sight it’s very simple to use, especially if you are used to other Twitter clients, and it has a number of nice tricks under its sleeves.

Twikini showing a twitt with a Twitpic photo

Twikini offers very good Twitpic integration.

The one I like best is integration with Twitpic. When you click on a twitt that has a link to a Twitpic photo, Twikini will download the photo and show you a small version of it. You can still click to go to Twitpic’s site to see the full-size photo (or however large your device can make it). And, when creating a new twitt you can add a photo already in your device or snap a new one and upload it to Twitpic from the app itself.

Another good trick is the ability to handle more than one Twitter account. If you like to keep different aspects of your life separated (i.e. family, business, gambling, loansharks, wives, etc.) you probably have more than one Twitter name (hopefully a good alias) and would like to check them individually. Twikini makes it very easy to just provide names and passwords for different accounts and switch between them from the menu.

Main Twikini interface

The interface is uncluttered and simple to follow.

Although links and names are not clickable from the main interface you only need to click on the twitt to read it in full and get active links. Here I would like to see something that lets me know the message is longer than can be displayed in the main interface as it’s not always easy to know there’s more.

Making a new twitt is very easy. You simply click where it says “Tweet”. Replying and Retwitting is equally easy, just select the twitt you’d like to reply or retwitt and either click ‘left’ or ‘right’ in your phone’s pad, or you can use the menu options.

From the new twitt interface you can also select to update your location. If your device has a gps, or some way to get where you are, you can attach them to the twitt to make it easy for people to know where you are (try to avoid using with the same twitter account you use to keep in touch with the loansharks). You can also shorten links using, TinyURL or Digg.

Overall it’s a very good app, it doesn’t use that much memory in your device and it includes far more than is obvious at first. I heartily recommend it.

Full Disclosure: You can get Twikini for free if you write a blog post about it. However I didn’t do that, instead I paid for it. At US$4.95 for a bundle including it plus another TrinketSoftware app it’s a very sweet deal. Plus I don’t want any of my two readers telling me I’ve sold out.