WordCamp Toronto 2010

So, here I am at the beggining of WordCamp Toronto 2010, hoping that the blogging by email feature on my site still works (it did!)

The attendance is great. The room is full and still expecting more people. My panel is at 1:00. Should try to find an organizer before then…

First up is blogging and social media with Jeremy Wriight in about 10 mins.

Jeremy’s presentation about angry camels is done and it was great! He’s actually a very good and funny speaker. He’s pretty much spot on about why social media efforts fail. Taking questions now.

Success story number 1 is about Mary and her blog, LunchwthMary. She thought it would be a good idea to have lunch with interesting people and learn stuff from there, then blog about it.

Richard Mitchell’s experience’s both in Georgetown University and the non-profit are very similar to what we went through at Maytree with our website before WordPress. Except for the money part (we didn’t have a CMS, expensive or cheap) the issues with time, flexibility, etc. were pretty much the same.

The talk on using social media and WodPress to win an election was more focused on tools you can use to promote your campaign, not so much on campaign strategies per se. It would have been interesting to have more about listening to the voters, polling, getting proposals, etc.

Up next, lunch. And later George sharing a little about how GM Canada started with the social media thing and Emma’s story of success through challenging someone else to a blogging contest.

Now it’s time for WordPress for n00bs, I mean, newbies.

That was interesting! I thought I still had time to go to the washroom and prepare for my short presentation, but I had to step up as soon as the previous one was over and for longer that I was expecting. I hope I didn’t do too badly and that people are not just saying I did will out of politeness! Thank you all!

Now, Mark’s presentation on how to manage multiple blogs, for strategies to come up with ideas, tools and inspiration to write many posts. He has very good tips, unfortunately I forgot to record it.

  • Ann

    I really enjoyed your presentation.
    I want to help various nonprofits I volunteer with to utlilize WordPress and social media to fundraise and raise awareness