As Real As It Gets: here’s an exoskeleton suit for your gaming needs

The Oculus Rift may give us heart-stopping renders of truly believable environments, but aren’t our other senses being underserved by the expensive peripherals industry? As Real As It Gets thinks so: their gently undulating bodysuit aims to let gamers feel the rumble of a passing vehicle, or th

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Applying Dieter Rams principles to web design

Very good article from .net magazine! A must read for anyone that has something to do with making web sites, even for those of us who are not front-end designers.

Dieter Rams is one of the most important designers of the 20th century but his famous 10 principles for good design focused on industrial design. Here Lisbon-based designer Nuno Loureiro applies them to web design Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good web design | Feature | .net magazine

The Reader for November 23, 2011

Business and Marketing

5 Tips for Managing Social Media Campaigns across Multiple Languages | Search Engine Journal
There’s no need to bang the drum for the benefits of social media marketing in allowing a business to directly connect to an audience and delivering remarkable return on investment. So, instead of restricting yourself to a monolingual social media presence, why not expand it globally when you can do so at the click of a button?

MailChimp’s Style Guide Is Corporate Communication Done Right | Co. Design
The soul-deadening power of these manuals goes double–they’re a creative straitjacket, and they’re horribly, horribly boring. So it’s with something approaching awe that I came across, the style guide for MailChimp’s internal copywriters: It’s a humanely designed interactive experience that’s actually kinda fun to read.

The Effects of Fresh Content on Small Business SEO | Social Media Today
Most consumers turn to Google or some other search engine to find products they are looking for, and with Google’s push toward fresh content, only those businesses with new content make the cut to get on the first page. This becomes a real challenge for some really high quality but small businesses out there.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Marketing Campaigns « Sysomos Blog
In particular, social media monitoring and analytics can be effective ways to monitor the success of an online and off-line marketing campaign to give brands the insight to make on-the-fly tactical tweaks that can have a major impact.
So what are the keys to having a marketing campaign supported by social media?

Web design and development

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS
SMACSS (pronounced “smacks”) is more style guide than rigid framework. There’s no library within here for you to download or install. SMACSS is a way to examine your design process and as a way to fit those rigid frameworks into a flexible thought process. It’s an attempt to document a consistent approach to site development when using CSS.


Spectrum Clash Builds Around Bionic Implants | PCWorld
The battle over scarce radio spectrum that has embroiled the mobile broadband world even extends to a little-known type of wireless network that promises to reconnect the human nervous system with paralyzed limbs.


Alzheimer’s damage reversed by deep brain stimulation – health – 23 November 2011 – New Scientist
BRAIN shrinkage in people with Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed in some cases – by jolting the degenerating tissue with electrical impulses. Moreover, doing so reduces the cognitive decline associated with the disease.


The Reader for November 22, 2011

Business and Marketing

UX as an effective marketing tool | Boagworld
Traditional marketing consists of shouting to gain the attention of potential customers. He who shouts the loudest wins. However, this approach requires big budgets and years of trial and error.

5 Unusual Ways to Become a Better Speaker |
You’ve been asked to speak at an important event. It’s a great opportunity and you should be thrilled—but since you rarely speak, especially in a formal setting, all you can think about is bombing.

8 Content Marketing Initiatives To Seriously Consider for 2012
I recently put together a new content marketing presentation focusing on the eight things I would be doing as a marketing executive now and into 2012. I thought I’d share it with you. Odds are, all of these won’t work for you, but I guarantee that at least one could make a major impact on your business for 2012.

Web and content design

The whole web is confused by mobile | Boagworld
App, web app, native app, mobile site, mobile app, adaptive design, reactive design, responsive design. What!?! There seems to be a lot of confusion out there. What do all of these seemingly interchangeable terms mean for me?

This post won’t take long to read | Mark Boulton
I’m seeing this small bit of meta-data associated with more and more blog posts. Just next to the post title, designed to help me make a judgement as to whether to read it, not read it, or read it later on using Instapaper or something.
I’ve got a problem with them. They’re trying to answer a question I don’t have.

Build a Killer Website: 19 Dos and Don’ts |
I’m continually surprised by how many people call my design company with very firm ideas about what they want on their business website and yet, they haven’t thought through some of the most basic questions first. For this reason, our first question is always “Why do you need a site?,” not “What do you want on it?”


One Per Cent: Electronic contact lens displays pixels on the eyes
The future of augmented-reality technology is here – as long as you’re a rabbit. Bioengineers have placed the first contact lenses containing electronic displays into the eyes of rabbits as a first step on the way to proving they are safe for humans. The bunnies suffered no ill effects, the researchers say.

Coalpuccino: Foamy Carbon Could Revolutionize Batteries | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
Rechargeable batteries have done a lot to reduce the wasteful and chemically nasty disposal of single-use batteries, but there’s still scope for improving how useful they are—which would further reduce their environmental burden. Which is where, with a sweet irony because carbon by-products tend to be environmental criminals, an unusual type of carbon may change battery tech for the better.

Nvidia Demos Ice Cream Sandwich on Transformer Prime Tablet | Android 4.0
Nvidia released a promotional video of Ice Cream Sandwich running on an Asus Transformer Prime tablet, powered by quad-core Tegra 3. The demo highlights various new features offered by Ice Cream Sandwich, including a seamless transition swipe between the apps and widgets menu and the ability to drag and drop icons onto one another to create a folder.


In Simulation: Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog flightstick and throttle | PC Gamer
“Always use the right tool for the job.” Sage advice from my father many years ago, but his words rang especially true this past month when I finally got my paws on Thrustmaster’s latest HOTAS Warthog A-10C flightstick and throttle.

Batman: Arkham City on PC is the version Gotham needs (and you deserve)
You can boast about the 3D effects on a game; that’s normal. Or you can be so proud of the 3D effects on a game that you overnight a gaming writer a 3D monitor so he can see them in person. That’s what NVIDIA did…

Degradados fáciles con CSS

Gracias a el Padrino del Web y sus constantes tweets de la conferencia An Event Apart que se está llevando a cabo en Boston, me entero de esta genial y utilísima herramienta para crear degradados usando CSS 3.

Todavía mejor es la que creó John Allsopp con el mismo fin.

Una de las promesas cumplidas por CSS 3 es el poder especificar degradados sin usar imágenes. Esto ayuda a tener un sitio mucho más fácil de mantener y más rápido de descargar. Lo malo es que calcular todos los valores para introducir en el código es una lata.

Gracias a estas herramientas puedes hacerlo fácilmente de forma visual, sin tener que hacer cálculos a ojo de buen cubero para después probar y ajusta unas cuarenta y cinco veces hasta que quede como quieres.

Nada más falta que la especificación quede fijada y los navegadores la soporten. Mientras, a usar -webkit y -moz.

Bordes para pestañas con CSS

Un efecto muy vistoso que hecho completamente con css, sin usar imágenes ni marcado adicional en el html.

Ever wondered how to create an element that flares into another using only CSS? Here’s a quick tutorial using existing CSS attributes, in combination with CSS generated content, to produce the effect using no images at all, and no additional markup. And it falls back gracefully for older browsers. Flared Borders with CSS – Blog – Ordered List

Trucos para simplificar WordPress para clientes

A muchos de nosotrs nos gusta tener a la mano toda la potencia de WordPress en el panel de control, sin que se nos esconda nada, y si es necesario crear una función o plug-in para que funcione como queremos, pues los hacemos.

Pero para muchos de nuestros clientes la cosa puede ser totalmente distinta. Tantas opciones y configuraciones pueden resultar confusas para alguien que solamente quiere entrar, editar una página, crear dos posts con una imagen y salirse.

En SpeckyBoy reunieron una lista de trucos y consejos para esconder varias de las opciones del panel de control y hacerlo más simple y amigable para los usuarios que quieren tener poco que ver con él.

Out-of-the-box, WordPress is a fairly simple CMS for anyone to learn. But for your non-tech savvy clients it could be a nightmare and a potential disaster to the site you have just built. By simplifying the system and adding some quick hacks to disable or hide certain areas of the CMS you are able to not only help clients you will also give yourself piece-of-mind knowing that that the site is safe by removing any potential disaster.20 Snippets and Hacks to Make WordPress User-Friendly for your Clients

Temas básicos para WordPress hechos con HTML 5

Blank, bare-bones, naked, themes, or whatever you prefer to call them, are a life-saver for developers who have to build WordPress themes on a regular basis. They are basically stripped-back themes that have had all of their surplus non-essential code stripped away, leaving only the bare necessities and a fantastic starting point for any new project.10 HTML5-Ready Blank, Bare-Bones and Naked Themes for WordPress

Una colección de temas para WordPress hechos siguiendo HTML5 y con la gracia de estar completamente desnudos, es decir, son la base para crear tu propio tema sin tener que empezar de cero.

Short but sweet PHP codes

Thanks to @paviles for tweeting this page with code snippets to do some simple but nice stuff in PHP.

Having the right code snippet at the right time can definitely be a life saver for web developers. Today, I’ve compiled 10 really awesome PHP code snippets that will, I hope, be very helpful in your forthcomming developments. 10 super useful PHP snippets –

Setting WP Custom Post Types the right way

A very nice explanation on how to set up custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress. Better explained than in the Codex, I think, and the examples and discussion afterwards are also very good.

You’ve seen a million how-to’s, tutorials and articles talking about WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. Now learn how to create both of them the right way. This definitive guide will show what others have left out, and everything else you did or didn’t know about post types and taxonomies…. WordPress Custom Post Types And Taxonomies The Right Way | New2WP

Spot and avoid bad web copy /via @paviles

Quick! Kill it before it kills you!

If the content is good, it conveys the right messages, and helps boost online presence, traffic and conversion rates.

The client gets an attractive ROI, the designer is labeled a hero, and referrals flow.

If the content misses the mark, it can damage or even destroy the website, and all that time and effort (not to mention credibility) goes down the toilet.

So here’s an outline of common web copy culprits that kill websites, and how to spot and avoid them. How to Spot and Avoid Web Copy that Kills Websites | Webdesigner Depot

Top 10 WordPress hacks /via @cafenoirdesign

I don’t know if they’re actually the top 10 of all time, but this collection of WordPress hacks is very good!

Everywhere you look you will find articles that talk about the best new WordPress hacks of the year, or the latest hacks for the content management system, but with this article, I hope to show you what I think are the top WordPress hacks of all time, that still work with the popular and ever-growing content management system. Top 10 WordPress Hacks of All Time | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch