Earth Hour: Nice, but ultimately empty gesture

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Ok, before the earthlites crucify me let me be very clear: I do accept the evidence that Earth is warming, and I do accept the evidence that human activity seems to be the most important or one of the most important factors contributing to this warming. I am not a global warming denier and I do care about our continuing existence on Earth. However, this doesn’t mean that I accept the most catastrophist scenaros as likey, most of the presented solutions as viable or that I care that much about life on Earth since life on Earth will continue with or without us (for most of its existence life on Earth was not that much to talk about anyway). I also don’t think that Earth is a conscious organism that can be ‘hurt’ by our actions.

And it was like this that I attended Earth Hour 2009 in Toronto. I must say I was deeply disappointed. For an event that’s supposed to raise awareness about energy conservation, global warming and green issues, they sure spend a lot of energy. Not only promoting the event but also by the people moving from their houses to the event, and the concert. Of course, let’s not forget about the concert, there has to be one in each of these gatherings.

I understand the reasons of the organizers, but it’s unlikely that any of those not saving energy now will start saving it now. Or that governments will adopt responsible energy and development policies since no one is really sure what those should be. Remember that the adopted policies shouldn’t only limit existing industry, but allow the development of new, cleaner ones to emerge plus train people and invest in education.

In my opinion I think it would be much better to organize the Earth Hour around a series of knowledge building activities than the empty gesture of turning lights off that will give the chance to some people to feel better about themselves without actually having an impact.

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