Short but sweet PHP codes

Thanks to @paviles for tweeting this page with code snippets to do some simple but nice stuff in PHP.

Having the right code snippet at the right time can definitely be a life saver for web developers. Today, I’ve compiled 10 really awesome PHP code snippets that will, I hope, be very helpful in your forthcomming developments. 10 super useful PHP snippets –

Top 10 WordPress hacks /via @cafenoirdesign

I don’t know if they’re actually the top 10 of all time, but this collection of WordPress hacks is very good!

Everywhere you look you will find articles that talk about the best new WordPress hacks of the year, or the latest hacks for the content management system, but with this article, I hope to show you what I think are the top WordPress hacks of all time, that still work with the popular and ever-growing content management system. Top 10 WordPress Hacks of All Time | Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch

Más de 20 recetas para WordPress

Now, I would like to recommend a resourceful WordPress site to you called WpRecipes. This post contains over 20 recipes that I hand picked from WpRecipes.20+ WordPress Recipes (Codes)

Nick La comparte más de 20 recetas para realizar diferentes tareas en WordPress. Si usas WordPress como CMS para algún sitio, seguramente más de una de estas te resultará útil.

Las recetas las sacó del sitio WpRecipes que también es muy recomendable tenerlo en los marcadores y visitarlo de manera regular.