7 reasons why OS X 10.7 name is Lion

As you all know by now Apple will present the next version of its OS X system in a few days. They’ve named it Lion.

One might think that it’s just another big cat and how many big cats are there after all. However, Apple almost always has a reason to do the things they do and leave very little to chance. I think the same is true in this case and here are 7 possible reasons why Apply chose the name Lion for its next operating system:

  1. Lions have manes The male lions have an amazing mane of hair that makes them look bigger and more powerful than they really are. Maybe just like OS X 10.7.
  2. Lions live in prides These are groups with usually one or two males and five or six related females, and some cubs. It probably relates to some new kind of file system hierarchy.
  3. Lions eat their young When a new male lion moves into a pride, by fighting and defeating the previous lead male, he will eat the cubs to ensure his offspring have no competition. I think this is how Apple will now handle people with older operating systems.
  4. Female lions do all the hunting, but males feed first This is probably what Apple’s new relationship with developers and users will be. The male is Steve Jobs in case you still had any doubts.
  5. Lions have sex only once a year but it lasts 72 hours It probably relates to how long the feeling of elation after upgrading to OS X 10.7 will last. Then it’ll be like “meh” until the next Apple announcement.
  6. Lions are very strong but tire easily Although they are strong hunters, lions are not made for a long chase. Maybe the new OS X will be geared towards short bursts of work before sending you back to your iPad.
  7. Lions are born spotted, like leopards This probably means that OS X 10.7 it will feel a lot like Leopard in the beginning, but after a few weeks you will discover it’s totally different, though just one color.

There you go, seven reasons why Apple might have chosen to codename its new OS X Lion.