Splice: A movie review

The movie Splice is a rarity these days: a pure science fiction movie without delving into fantasy or space opera (sorry, geeks, Star Wars and Star Trek are not what I would define as pure science fiction). It was made by the same guy who made Cube.

It’s also a cautionary tale with a clear moral: Don’t get involved with crazy chicks, specially if they can make genetically engineered mutants.

There are many things to like about this movie. Except for the epilogue it’s joyfully unpredictable, the real monster is not the monster (just like in Frankenstein the real monster is not the monster) and it makes you wonder at what lurks inside the hearts of men and women, something that normally only the Shadow would know.

It’s a very refreshing movie, the kind that very rarely sees the light of day, let alone widespread distribution. And hard sci-fi! Talk about rare! It was also made in Ontario during Winter, something I love.

The story is kind of sad but very profound and with many, many layers. It can be about the objective of science, the perversion of science for individual gain, ethics, what is being human, parenthood and parenting, growing up, alienation, love and the shit we are willing to take because of it (and crazy women).

It will make you think, and wonder at the motivations of some people. It will certainly make you wish you had a prehensil tail with a stinger.

I imagine it will affect you differently if you have children (I don’t, but making mutants looks like fun, I’ll wait until I can get a home kit or something).

It’s not perfect, the handling of the secondary characters could have been a lot better, specially some of the relationships and some of the later scenes are not as powerful as a result. Some people will be reminded of other works like Frankenstein, The Fly and Jurassic Park; there are some common elements (if you want to generalize there are elements of Frankenstein in everything) but the end result is very different.

The verdict

Anyway, it’s a great movie! Go see it as soon as you have the chance. I give it a 8 out of 10 chocolate raisins. I would give it 10 but I ate the last one and the epilogue is a tad predictable. At least it’s not a happy ending. If you like happy endings go see another movie.

Things I learned from this movie

  • If your girlfriend/wife refuses to talk about her family, that’s a strong hint she’s crazy.
  • We’ve all learned this one way or another but it bears repeating: avoid crazy chicks, specially the perfectionist/control-freak kind, they’re the worst! This advice can save your life.
  • Losing our tails was an evolutionary mistake. We should have added a stinger instead.
  • There’s another lesson I learned but it’s a big spoiler, so I won’t put it here.