The Great Gatsby movie review.

Last Saturday I went to the talkies to watch the Great Gatsby movie. It was good, although it could have used more plasmids to go along the Bioshock-inspired setting (Google Bioshock if you need to).

DiCaprio was good, but I still like Redford better in that role. And I’ve never been much of a fan of Tobey McGuire though he could have been more annoying in this movie.


The movie looks more or less like this but with less psychic powers and weirder mutants. Photo by Bludgeoner86.

There was a power failure in the theatre but it was in the end when the credits were rolling, so I couldn’t find out if there was a bloopers reel.

Anyway, here’s what I learned from this movie:

  1. When the ultra rich complain about what miserable life they’ve had, it’s really hard to feel sorry for them.
  2. It’s better to be rich and unloved than poor and unloved, or poor and loved for that matter. Rich people just have it better.
  3. I mean, rich and poor will complain about the same shit, but the rich will do it in their mansion.
  4. Just tell people you’re a scoundrel from the beginning. It’ll save a lot of trouble and in the end they’ll think you’re not too bad for a scoundrel.
  5. If you come up with this convoluted plan to steal your old girlfriend but she says she’d just rather run away, just grab a bag and go, because…
  6. You can’t trust women to stick to the plan (specially if it’s full of false assumptions).
  7. You also can’t trust them to not run over people when they’re upset.
  8. Tall golfer ladies are hot.
  9. Dusselbergs are cool.
  10. Popcorn makes me gassy.

I give this movie 8 chocolate raisins out of 10.