The museum of never

Deep in the immensity of space, between the lost stars of Favrian and Gellimeig, there is a museum that is there and everywhere and nowhere; now, always and never.

This museum is unique in the entire Universe. Unlike most others it doesn’t collect letters from important people, artifacts made by long gone artisans or the remains of old civilizations.

It collects things that have never happened. The memories of things that have never existed, the could-have-beens and the if-onlys.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “those words I should have said, those letters I wrote but never sent, that path I didn’t take; Those must be there.” But they aren’t. No one cares. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but most of what is important to you is irrelevant to the Universe and even this museum only has so much space.

No. What you will find here are those great stories that were never told. People whose lifes happened before anyone could write them, stories that were never recorded because no one bothered to listen, dreams dreamt when there was no way to record them and turn them into reality. And, yes, also words that were never spoke, because of fear or avarice or love or hate. Actions that never happened for lack of a nail, or a horse, or sound economic policies.

Is it a sad museum? Some of it is. Some of it is not. Some wars could have been shorter, some could have been longer. Tyranny was defeated with a word, made stronger with another. Slavery lived on, or was rejected, but for one person doing one thing. Or not. With luck you will find out that something you did rippled through time to affect a planet, or the entire galaxy, and that will make you feel better.

Sometimes enormous, unimaginable athrocities brought the acceptance, unity and long-standing peace that some species are only capable of after a period of horror, but avoiding conflict meant prejudice and intolerance lived on for centuries.

You can buy a bit of all of these things with you in the gift shop. Some lost poetry from the Lafarshid Dinasty, a reproduction of the multi-hued Silrth monument in Fasxa V, the collected works of Barkon, the Gollorian poet. Unfortunately none of this has existed in reality, and can never exist. You can’t keep it. And you won’t remember it.