A nice tour around Science North

I had a very good first part of my trip going to Science North. Although the 3D movie was kind of cheesy it wasn’t unenjoyable, and you get to have some water sprayed on you.

I expected larger exhibits, but I suppose that since there is some construction on half the place some compromises were made. However what was there was interesting, specially the butterfly room where kids are advised not to slap them or grab them if a butterfly lands on them. There’s also a beaver, a porcupine and the skeleton of a whale.

A giant bug crawled over me, I think it’s the second largest bug that has crawled over me but at least this one didn’t wake me up. After watching the exhibits and getting myself locked out for a few minutes I went to have lunch at the very elegant Lakehouse Restaurant that they have there. It has a very nice view of Ramsey Lake and the skating track they made on the frozen surface. I didn’t see how long it was but it was pretty long, at least half a km but probably a lot more. It was also very wide.

I ate copiously, drank some beer, fell asleep while seated a few times and the check wasn’t too bad, about what I would expect in most places. I also tried not to make too much of a mess…

I’d like to do something else before heading to Sault Ste. Marie but might end up just looking for a calm public space where I can take a nap. It’s not vagrancy if you don’t lie down completely. I also need to find a place with power outlets. Right now I’m in a Tim Hortons, but wifi is iffy and I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Still need to recharge the music player and the GPS.

Science North

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