Will future wars be fought by robots?

I just found this while looking at the BBC News site:

Can war be fought by lots of well-behaved machines, making it “safer for humans”? That is the seductive vision, and hope, of those manufacturing and researching the future of military robotics.BBC News – Can battlefield robots take the place of soldiers?

For me there is absolutely no question about it. Robots not only can but must fight all wars. On all sides of all wars. Robots can kill each other until one side runs out of robots and they’ll then be forced to pay their taxes or whatever to the winning side.

Using humans to fight wars is not only wasteful, it’s also inhuman.

Happy Armistice/Remembrance Day everybody! Today it’s traditional to put an end to a war. Go do that.

Lest we forget. Those of us lucky enough to live in countries with peace and freedom should not take them for granted. We have to pay the cost to keep them, to strengthen them and to expand them. We are very lucky that we get to pay in diligence, community involvement and taxes. Others paid a lot more. And we still may if we are remiss.